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The Orient Lanka Confectioneries (Pvt) Ltd utilizes three major types of energy sources where electricity accounts for 60%-70% of their total energy cost. Thus, the top management of the firm commissioned a rooftop solar PV project to offset their electricity consumption as a support to the already stressed-national grid and to ease their production cost.


Executing the project without disturbing the daily process in the factory

The major challenge we had to face was not interrupting the manufacturing process of the factory due to financial and several other factors. JLanka had the task of executing the project with their production line schedule, within a short period of time. Further, J Lanka had to install the solar panels on an existing rooftop with many physical obstructions such as skylights. However, advanced technology and professional experience of the J Lanka enabled to install the solar panels very close to those obstructions leading to a high electricity generation capacity of 500 kW. The factory is now nearly independence of grid-electricity thanks to this fruitful project.


Innovativeness and safety management capabilities

The technology used by JLanka in this solution was ideally suited to this project and it overcame the technical limitations that the existing non-uniform roof with several physical obstructions presented. The client was very much concerned on the safety aspects associated with solar since they have millions of rupees worth manufacturing process under the roof however the project executed perfectly with yet another successful project implementation.

Annual Environmental Savings

Bulbs Powered per day 2,072,727
Fuel Saved in l per year 200,800
system capacity 500 kWp

CO2 Saving Tons per year 270
Trees planted per year 900
Coal saved Tons per year 230

SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar.


Trina Solar provides the highest standards of quality for PV systems with high-caliber production paving the way to become the first PV company to earn UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification.


A premium energy solution that generates more energy than expected

A system capacity of 500 kWp supplied by on roof system, made up of 1,564 x 320W Trina Solar Multi Crystalline and 17 x 27.6kW SolarEdge Inverters results in this system being capable of supplying nearly 100% of the facility’s day time electricity consumption.


Maximum Production

SolarEdge power optimizers perform module level power point tracking (MPPT), eliminating power losses due to mismatches between the solar panels. This mismatch is due to soiling, module aging and inherent variance.

Safe Installation

JLanka strongly believes in the ‘Safety First’ approach towards any service offered. JLanka approach to that is to ensure that both the clients and the JLanka’s safety expectations are met at any work site. This approach have scored an “Incident-Free” completion of a massive project.

Build-in Safety

The SafeDC™ mechanism of the SolarEdge system guarantees maximum safety from safety risks associate with solar PV, for residents, installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters at all times.

Reduced O&M Costs

JLanka solution provides real-time performance data on each individual module and give immediate alerts on any possible breakdowns that may occur, pinpointed on a virtual site map. This ensures higher system uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

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Together we can make earth greener again

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