Ensuring the well-being of nature whilst protecting the environment by going green

DSI Samson Group the pioneer in manufacturing footwear and bicycle tires in Sri Lanka took on the responsibility of minimizing their dependency on consumable resources and to offset their impact on the environment and nature. The company opted for rooftop solar PV electricity since it is a proven way of reducing both the environmental impact and the cost of electricity and choose JLanka Technologies as their Solar Energy partner.


Executing the project with minimal alterations and zero incidents

DSI Group’s solar PV installation project was to be implemented on the rooftop of their warehouse situated in Maharagama, which is located in a highly industrialized and an astir area. Simply, the region represents the soul of Sri Lanka’s economy while the warehouse represents the heart of the DSI Samson group. The main challenge for JLanka to execute was minimal alteration to the aesthetic appearance of the locality with zero incidents interfering with their regular manufacturing process. Though the burden seemed impossible, JLanka managed to overcome all challenges and complete the project successfully. This was considered as a golden opportunity for the organization as each individual learned how to cope with such situation successfully.


A premium energy solution that generates more energy than expected

We at JLanka believe in going beyond expectation and striving to achieve the best for our clients, providing them with our skilled expertise and quality service. A feat that was evident when the actual energy output of the system was higher than that pledged. Our clients were able to obtain over 2% more from the energy output than expected, due to the meticulous planning and careful management of this project, two areas in which our team of experts excel.

Annual Environmental Savings

Bulbs Powered per day 2,416,800
Fuel Saved in l per year 234,133
system capacity 583 kWp

CO2 Saving Tons per year 315
Trees planted per year 1,050
Coal saved Tons per year 268

SolarEdge provides module-level electronics for solar power harvesting and monitoring for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar.


Trina Solar provides the highest standards of quality for PV systems with high-caliber production paving the way to become the first PV company to earn UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification.


The highest quality output that influences the energy output and adapt to any environment

A system capacity of 583 kWp supplied by On Roof system, made up of 1,866 x 315 W TrinaSolar Multi Crystalline and 7 x 27.6kW Solar Edge Inverters results in this system being capable of supplying nearly 100% of the facility’s day time electricity consumption.


Re-assured Trust

D Samson’s & Sons is one of J Lanka’s repetitive clients who put their trust on J Lanka repeatedly. JLanka always believes that the “trust” is the glue that holds business relationship with their clients and is expressed repeatedly in every action. JLanka returns the loyalty by showing higher level of competence and credibility.

Maximum Energy

With module-level MPPT feature of J Lanka’s solution, D Samson’s & Sons can enjoy the harvest of maximum energy out of the solar PV system at any given time. In fact, the additional delivery of energy than the committed output of the Phase 1 is the key that encouraged the client for the Phase 2.

Safe Installation

The client assessed the risks involved with regards to Solar PV technologies and its implementation prior to installation, and identified the built-in safety features of J Lanka solution. As J Lanka’s products are of highest standards of safety, J Lanka evidently proved that any hazardous events will not occur through their system. As a company, J Lanka strongly believes in ‘Safety First’ and ‘Zero Incident” approach across any service on offer from J Lanka. During the project execution at D Samson’s & Sons, J Lanka ensured that both the client and J Lanka Technologies safety standards were met all the time.

Together we can make earth greener again

Let’s generate 100% Renewable energy in our country


This partnership ensuring our customers are offered the most advanced solar energy solutions worldwide.



This partnership in transitioning your business to solar energy ensures our customers with financial stability, lower operating cost and decrease in carbon footprint.



This partnership guides our customers in powering through to the next phase in utility scale solar, Soorya Bala Sangramaya Phase II.