Energizing a sustainable nation with affordable smart solar systems now available for small rooftops from the solar specialists

JLanka – The Solar Electricity Company

JLanka Technologies pioneering in innovative energy saving solutions and novel technologies is now introducing affordable green electricity for small rooftops which is specially designed for rooftop systems of 4-8 solar panels, an ideal solution for small PV systems. This compact solution packed with immense benefits generates more power and revenue by protecting your investment with a long-term warranty.

With a special introductory price, we now offer you this once in a lifetime opportunity towards sustainable living by introducing our latest addition of a single smart device with four maximum power point trackers for harvesting more energy for each solar panel and the wall mounted invertor 1.5kW which is extremely compact, light and very easy to install. The unique feature of this smart device is having the option of monitoring and controlling the system performance in real-time.

Smart Device

Connects to 4-8 solar panels on the roof, creating intelligent solar panels.

  • More energy from each module due to module-level Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Flexible design by installing modules on multiple azimuths and tilts for optimal roof utilization
  • Exceptional safety with SafeDC – designed to shut down system voltage for each module

Solar Inverter

A simple and reliable inverter

  • Responsible for DC to AC conversion only, as all other functions are handled separately for each module by the power optimizer
  • Extremely compact, very lightweight and easy to install
  • Wall mounted, suitable for indoor or outdoor installations

Monitoring Platform

Real-time monitoring at solar panel, string, and system levels

  • Full visibility of PV system performance
  • Pinpointed and automatic alerts on system issues
  • Accurate and remote troubleshooting for higher system uptime
  • Effective fleet management

Our global solar partner Solaredge ensures products are field proven and built for lasting performance with a 25 year long-term warranty for smart devices, 12 years for inverters and free monitoring for a system life-time.  

attractive loan facilities along with flexible payment plans

The Solar system professionals in residential, commercial and utility scale projects, JLanka Technologies ensures smooth transition from inception and have attractive loan facilities available from the following banks along with flexible payment plans.


Attractive loan facilities available from the following banks for solar power solutions offered by JLanka.


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